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It was great.In this night me and my husband was in Northwood Hills and we had a full body oil massage and the masseurs Andrea and Michael was brilliant.They putted force exactly where it was necessary and they focused on ours back pains and they insisted until the pain was gone.I recomand to everybody Thai massage and I recomand these 2 masseurs that they take youíre pains in their own hands

(Anonymous, 6 days ago)

I did my back in due to work. Michael was brilliant, and the massage was a treatment in itself. He does not do the, normal Thai oil massage which is good. His practice combines Thai and chiropractic methods into one which I needed and appreciate. Thank you so much.

(Neeta P., 8 days ago)

30-90 Days ago

My first massage at Nuad Harrow & I must say it was fantastic. Defo recommend it to all. Price wise itís very decent so win win situation. Thank you again

(Bahareh S., 34 days ago)

Binod was my private therapist in Portugal for more than 5 years so, I may confirm what your client Mr Richard wrote in this page about him. He is a 5 stars therapist, excelent profissional. Congratulations to Uxbridge Thai Spa for having him. Manuel 7f97b6

(Anonymous, 42 days ago)

I have been using the services of Naud Thai, Uxbridge for the last three years on a weekly basis and I am very pleased with the service they provide, I suffer from an chronic arthritic condition that requires constant movement/stretching otherwise I stiffen and suffer badly with pain. Recently a new Masseur has joined the team, his name is Binod, he is highly skilled, he has done wonders to help me, he is several skills levels above the rest of the team, be sure to ask for him.

(Richard H., 44 days ago)

10 days had a ďIndianĒ head massage, was a painful experience & despite me telling her that she carried on. Next day I was in agony, the masseuse clearly didnít know what she was doing. Iíve lost all movement in my neck & have had to seek medical advice. Iím now on very strong pain killers & muscle relaxants, I would never go to Nuad Thani Northwood again. In my opinion they do not know what they are doing & hope this review warns you of the potential issues.

(Anonymous, 70 days ago)

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Went in to the spa and managed to book a head/neck/back massage for the same day! Very relaxing massage with an attentive masseuse who clearly knew what she was doing and was well trained. I left the spa feeling so much better than before, both physically and mentally. Will definitely visit again

(Anonymous, 92 days ago)

Had a 90 minute massage booked in @ Northwood branch with Suju yesterday. I went there with aches and pains and tight muscles. After the massage I felt much more loose and flexible and also completely relaxed. All the tightness had disappeared. She worked wonders. I look forward to going there again for the same treatment.

(Anonymous, 119 days ago)

Delighted with the experience at Hampton Hill, astoundingly good massage. Thanks Sanat.

(Anonymous, 139 days ago)

Just finished my massage and feel so much better, my back was pretty bad and had some very bad knots the therapist was friendly and kept asking about pressure which was fine. Will be coming back. Thanks again Regards Ashley

(Ashley V., 152 days ago)

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